Farm to Table | Strawberry + Rhubarb Jam

As rhubarb and strawberry season come to an end, I'm happy to say I have taken full advantage of the delicious harvest this year. I've gone through pounds of rhubarb, picking up more each week when I see it listed on my farm gate emails.   Can't. Stop. Making. Jam

Strawberry and rhubarb has been my favourite fruit combo for as long as I can remember, so you can bet I stockpiled my jam this year, to savour the sweetness year round (or at least for a couple more months). Jam has got to be the easiest thing to make. No pectin, no lemon, and no boiling jars. Once the jars are open, they won't last as long as a jam with preservatives, but it goes pretty fast around here anyway.

 4 ingredients, 5 steps, thats it! Again, I just do everything by eye, so no measurements here. Adjust the amount of fruit to your liking. I probably only used about 1 cup of sugar, for the whole pot, and that was just to tone down the tartness (?) of the rhubarb.


  • Organic rhubarb from the farm gate program at Brookside Farm
  • Organic, freshly picked, strawberries from side of the road vendor 
  • Chia seeds (to thicken)
  • Sugar, but like ⅛ of what jam recipes usually call for


  • chop rhubarb in food processor (makes it way easier to melt down on the stove)
  • throw rhubarb and whole strawberries in a pot and cook down to desired chunkiness
  • add sugar 
  • add chia seeds when it's just about done
  • put hot jam directly into jars, close lid tight, and set them upside down (a super easy way to seal the jars)


from the farm, to the van, to the customers... to my belly

from the farm, to the van, to the customers... to my belly